Bee FLOWER Pollen trap

Instead of low-cost soft wire, we use high-strength stainless wire to make bee entrances for the pollen traps.
In addition, the thin diameter (0.25mm) polished stainless steel entrance was developed with a focus on minimizing the damage to bees
(legs, wings falling off, etc.)
It's easy for bees to come in and out, so ultimately it's possible to increase the amount of pollen collecting.
It is a product that has applied the innovative idea of the structure that allows free configuration change of the entrance.
Depending on bees’ sizes or the purpose of pollen collection, various sizes of bee entrances can be selected.
4.4: For Asian honeybees (ApisCerana)/ 4.6: Even the small pollen grains collected / 4.8: Only the large grains collected
*The size of the entrance 4.6~4.8 is based on ApisMellifera
Removing the entrance wire module after collecting pollen can block the wasps from entering the hive.
Types of BEE FLOWER Pollen traps
Pollen trap

- Made to suit Western honeybee(Apis-Mellifera), it is designed for the 8-10 frame hives.
- Made of plastic and stainless, semi-permanent use
- Easy to store all parts in a drawer

Wooden pollen trap

- Eco-friendly
- Humidity improvement of the drawer
- The top cover and side covers are made longer and equipped with a rain
  protector function!
- maintain stainless wire entrance(Key component)
- CNC Processing Technic : Be able to delivered in a disassembled state and
  easy to assemble

Small pollen trap

- A rain protector that can be detachable and stored in the pollen-collecting
- Moisture problem is improved through ventilation holes on the bottom of
  the pollen-collecting drawer
- Easy to store all parts in a drawer
- If there is an entrance reducer, it can also be used for a 10-frame Western
  honeybees(Apis Mellifera) hive
- Maintain stainless wire entrance(Key component)

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